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The National Art Museum Of Sport Is A Great Place To Visit In Indianapolis IN

Do you know where the National Art Museum of Sport is located? It is in Indianapolis IN, specifically at 850 West Michigan Street. Its doors opened in 1968, and it features an expansive collection and archives as well. While it opened in 1968, the first location was actually Madison Square Garden. Furthermore, it was actually founded in 1959, yet again, it didn’t open until 1968.

There is a gigantic Johnny Unitas picture there for starters, and you can read about the focus of the museum. It’s all about what’s important when it comes to sports, like sportsmanship. You can imagine that there are many pieces that capture the joy of winning, but there are also plenty of pieces there that capture the agony of defeat. You win some and you lose some.

There are said to be over 1,000 pieces that cover over 50 sports. It would be hard to even name 50 sports, although it might not seem like it. Therefore, you can just imagine what you will see there. It would be a place for sports lovers but also a museum that anyone can enjoy.

As for more about the history of the museum, it went from Madison Square Garden in 1968 to The University of New Haven in 1979. Then it moved to Indianapolis, and it had two different locations in 1990 and 1994. In 2012, it was said that the museum was going to be moved again. There is a competition that is held annually by the museum, an international sport art competition.

You might be wondering if there are other museums like this one. Well, there are museums like it, but it has one of the largest collections of its kind. Remember, there are over 50 sports featured. It would really be something to see because it is a fine art museum remember that focuses on sports, not just a sports museum.

It is interesting to read about the exhibitions that have been featured at the museum throughout the years. The museum frequently switches things around, keeping it fresh, and so even if you have been before, it would be cool to return. As for the museum moving, it is said that the university asked the museum to move because the space is needed. Hopefully, the museum finds a good space to set up shop. And it should also be mentioned by the way that it is free to visit this huge museum.

Don’t you want to go after reading about the museum? It certainly sounds like a cool place to visit. It would be a new way to experience modern fine art. Since it is free to visit, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money while there. You can browse everything for free and for now, you can also check out the university at the same time. It will be interesting to see what location it moves to next. The National Art Museum of Sport is certainly a unique place to visit.