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Plan A Visit To The National Art Museum Of Sport While You Are In Indianapolis

Are you planning a trip to Indianapolis? If so, you must take a day trip to the National Art Museum of Sport. You want to make sure you have enough time to participate in all of the sightseeing tours and other activities that you will enjoy while you are there.

What Is The National Art Museum Of Sport?

The mission of this organization is to share, collect and preserve through the various exhibits that demonstrate the very best of sport art. The other part of this two-pronged mission is to continue encouraging sports artists to create these exhibits.

This mission is accomplished through outreach programs, educational materials and exhibits. While carrying out the mission, the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) helps to bridge the worlds of art and sports together.

The fine art museum has collected over 1,000 pieces of art that showcases men and women of tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, swimming, boxing and 50 other sports over the course of the past five decades.

There are temporary and permit exhibits displayed at the museum, and these collections evokes the variety and excitement

What Is Sports Art?

Sports art captures the emotion of sports. It also captures the joy of winning, the desire to win a game and the agony of defeat. Internal conflict is accurately displayed in sports art, as well as the struggle to maintain a resolve when faced with pain, fatigue and increasing odds.

It does not matter whether the art is depicting the athletic contests of ancient Greece in a vase or if the art is depicted in tapestry from the Medieval Times, depicting sports has been the inspiration of many artists who are looking to capture the emotion and the motion of sport.

Sports Art In The United States

In a country that rewards hard play as well as hard work, sport art has had a particular vigorous past. George Bellows and Thomas Eakins were not only well-known artists, but also active in sports. They also had friends who were professional fishermen, hunters and athletes. For them, sports was looked at as being multifaceted, and was considered to be an inspiration and a challenge.


The museum was founded in 1959 by a sportsman and artist by the name of Germain Glidden. The very first location was opened in New York City at Madison Square Garden, and then it was moved in 1979 to the University of New Haven.

After making an introduction at the Pan American Games in 1987 in Indianapolis, the museum received a grant to move to Indianapolis permanently. A gallery was established for the museum in the Bank One Tower, now known as the Salesforce Tower. This location was opened in 1990.

Today, the museum hosts over 100 exhibits from around the world including:

Andy Warhol
Elaine de Kooning
Winslow Homer
Morris Rosenfield

The National Museum of Sport is a national landmark has become a destination for exhibits that have uniquely merged art and sports into a dynamic combination that captures the very essence of both. This landmark must be on your ‘must visit’ list the next time you are in Indianapolis.