Football Invitational


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Football fans celebrated the great athletes and moments of football – professional, collegiate, and pick-up, at the Football Invitational and Charles Fazzino exhibit at NAMOS, Indianapolis Power & Light, WellPoint, and the Town of Zionsville.

The Football Invitational exhibit featured some 50 paintings, sculptures, and photographs from many leading sport artists worldwide.  Some of the luminaries included were: Benjamin Blackburn, Chris Bucher, David Burnett, Tony Capparelli, Donna Carr, Charles Fazzino, James Fiorentino, Bart Forbes, Bill Hall, Troy Hayes, Bob Hogan, Ken Kalman, Larry Klukaszewski, Patrick Mack, Marc Mellon, John Melvin, LeRoy Neiman, John Oilar, Debbie Sampson, Joe Sinnott, Dan Tearle, and Elaine Wolfe. The Football Invitational artists were selected for their excellence in creating fine art and depicting both the emotion and motion of the great American game of football.

Then, NAMOS took this exhibit downtown to Monument Circle where over 30 of the Football Invitational artworks were in the windows of IPL and other locations around the circle forming a public art gallery that all Super Bowl participants will be able to view to further NAMOS’ mission to educate the public on art depicting sport. Artwork such as Chris Bucher’s life-sized works depicting Colts’ player, Ryan Diem, were in IPL’s window as were Charles Fazzino’s Officially Licensed NFL Commemorative Artwork for Super Bowl XLVI. Other artists whose work was displayed around the circle include Tony Capparelli, Donna Carr, James Fiorentino, Bart Forbes, Troy Hayes, Bob Hogan, Ken Kalman, Patrick Mack, Marc Mellon, LeRoy Neiman, Debbie Sampson, Dan Tearle, and Elaine Wolfe.

NAMOS also had the pleasure of being a part of the 2012 ZBowl, Zionsville, Indiana, a location which is a Super Celebration Site.  In Zionsville, football fans and art-lovers had the rare opportunity to see treasures from NAMOS’ permanent collection of art depicting football. The collection included 30 paintings, sculptures and photographs by renowned artists such as LeRoy Neiman, Winslow Homer, Joseph Shepherd, James Fiorentino, and Fay Moore.