Portrait of an Athlete

Julie Dilling, "Before the Fight", Mosaic.

Julie Dilling, “Before the Fight”, Mosaic.

Portrait of an Athlete focuses on individual athletes, whether in action (such as Mervin Honig’s painting of Jimmy Connors playing tennis) or at rest (as seen in Germain G. Glidden’s portrayal of a hard racquets champion, Bobby Grant). Other sports legends featured in the exhibit include Joe Louis, Arnold Palmer, Gordie Howe, Sam Snead, and Arthur Ashe.

Julie Dillings’ image of a bull fighter is executed in mosaic — the only mosaic in the museum collection. It was a silver medalist in NAMOS’ 2010 Commitment to Excellence in Art and Sport: A Fine Art Competition.

The Portrait of an Athlete exhibit was on display at the National Art Museum of Sport until October 1, 2012.   Many of these works are now available as part of our Art Rental Program.  For more information on the Art Rental Program, contact us here.