Third Annual Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sport: A Fine Arts Competition  Exhibit

Please click to view catalogue

Please click to view catalogue

Exhibition Dates: September 5 to September 21, 2013

On September 5, 2013 National Art Museum of Sport, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and ArtCenter Manatee  hosted an Awards Ceremony and Opening Night Reception for the 3rd Annual International Fine Art Competition, Commitment to Excellence in Art & Sport.

The exhibit features over 30 paintings, sculptures, and photographs by artists depicting sport. The works were chosen by a three-panel jury following an international call for submissions.  The competition attracted artists from 29 states and 10 countries. Fifty-eight sports were represented in the more than 247 works of art that were entered by 127 artists.

Competition Chair, Christine Glidden, praised the submissions, “My father believed Sport and Art were two universal languages that build bridges toward peace. I am thrilled that one of our entries this year was entitled “Sports Promotes Peace,” a painting by a young woman from Ghana. Her work was inspired by the Olympic games and emphasized how peace, love, unity and discipline are achieved through sports.  She cleverly portrayed the sense of community that is created when art and sports meet on the same playing field.  Though she did not win a prize, I commend her vision, which even today, 56 year’s after NAMOS was founded, coincides with that of my father.”

Congratulations to all of the artists! Thank you to our sponsors the National Collegiate Athletic Association, ArtCenter Manatee, Faegre, Baker & Daniels, LLC, Pittsburg Pirates and the Bradenton Marauders.


  • The Germain G. Glidden Best in Show Award: “China, Qinghai Lake Loop, Descente, 2002,” a photo of a bike race, was chosen for the $2,500 prize. The artist is Paolo Pellizzari, who was born in Italy and splits his time between Belgium and New York.
  • “The Fencer,” by Chris Saper, Phoenix, AZ, was the winner of the NCAA Honoring Academic and Athletic Excellence in Sculpture to honor College Athletics and Academic Excellence. A $2,500 prize was awarded along with this honor.
  • “The Crossover,” by Jonathan Moro, Rockport, ME, was awarded the NCAA Honoring Academic and Athletic Excellence in Painting Award.  A $2,500 prize was awarded along with this honor.

Painting Medals were awarded to:

  • Gold medal, Julie Snyder, Tujunga, CA, “Daily Drill” (boxing);
  • Silver medal, Steven Hughes, Marquette, MI, “The Waiting Room with Russell Martin” (baseball), and
  • Bronze medal, Janet Pecorrella, Vallejo, CA, “The Great Vallejo Race” (sailing).

Sculpture Medals were awarded to:

  • Gold medal, Jamie Henderson, Edmond, OK, “Kovacs” (gymnastics);
  • Silver medal, Richard Stravitz, Virginia Beach, VA, “Cross Court” (tennis); and
  • Bronze medal, Jo DeKeuster, Taos, NM, “Grace and Flexibility” (gymnastics).

Photography Medals were awarded to:

  • Gold medal, Chris Bucher, Indianapolis, Indiana, “The Rower” ;
  • Silver medal, Michael Gora, Boca Raton, FL, “Matched Pair” (diving); and
  • Bronze medal, Clint Thayer, Madison, WI, “Homeward” (biking).

Additional Awards

  • The Rhoda Sherbell Sculpture Award was awarded to MaryEllen Dohrs, from West Palm Beach, FL, for her sculpture “Payback”. The Rhoda Sherbell Sculpture Award was for $300.


Chris Bucher, Ken Buck, Robin Bullman, Dave Choate, Jo DeKeuster, Mary Ellen Dohrs, Henry Egan, Michael Gora, Jamie Henderson, Clyde Heppner, Steven Hughes, Mary Carol Kennedy, Hilary Kinney, Jessica Kovan,  Jay Laghi, Lance Long, Mark Macko, Susan Maffei, John Melvin,  Susan Miller-Havens, Jonathan Moro, Paolo Pellizzari,  Janet Pecorella, Roberto Santo, Chris Saper,  Steve Skipper,  Julie Snyder, Wilda Gerideau Squires, Richard Stravitz,  Runcie Tatnall,  Clint Thayer,  Annamarie Trombetta, Lesley van Dalsem,  Oleksandra Zakharova


Bruce Helander is an artist, former athlete, art critic, curator, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Art Economist.

Everett Raymond Kinstler is one of the nation’s foremost portrait painters. His portraits have included seven presidents, 60 cabinet officers and numerous movie stars and sport figures.

Marc Mellon is one of America’s premier figurative sculptors in bronze with works installed around the world, including Tokyo, the NCAA national office, and the Vatican.  He has depicted multiple presidents, sports figures, and Grammy award winners.


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