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Welcome to the National Art Museum of Sport


The National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS) has a two-pronged mission: to encourage sport artists in their efforts to create sport art, and to collect, preserve and share through exhibits the best examples of sport art it can acquire.

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NAMOS has encouraged the creation of sport art and has collected more than 1,000 pieces showcasing the heroes and heroines of basketball, boxing, baseball, golf and tennis-over 50 sports in all for over fifty years.

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The close bond between art and sport is an enduring one, and from it has come a rich bounty of memorable images. Sport art helps us understand our relation to sport, and of sport to life.

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Plan A Visit To The National Art Museum Of Sport While You Are In Indianapolis

Are you planning a trip to Indianapolis? If so, you must take a day trip to the National Art Museum of Sport. You want to make sure you have enough time to participate in all of the sightseeing tours and other activities that you will enjoy while you are there. […]

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Do You Know The Next Home Of The National Art Museum Of Sport?

The National Art Museum of Sport is also simply known as NAMOS. It’s intended to be a fine art museum with an emphasis on sports themes. These would include elements like sports art capturing emotions, competitive anxiety, and the joys of winning contrasted with the agonies of defeat. This exhibit […]

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Bringing A Nation Together – All Under One Roof In The National Museum Of Sport

There is no one pursuit that can bring the diverse parts of a nation together like sport can. It is in microcosm everything that makes a country great. It can pit diverse cities and regions against each other while at the same time providing a unifying force that will allow […]

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Welcome to the National Art Museum of Sport (NAMOS)!

NAMOS' mission is to share the best in fine art depicting sport with the public and encourage the creation of fine art depicting sport. Through our website you will see some of our programs that do both. We hope you are as excited about fine art depicting sport as we are.